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Summer in the Woodland

Key Stage 2

The children in classes 6, 7 and 8 are learning about life processes this term in their science lessons. During their woodland time they have been pond dipping to learn about the creatures that live in the pond. They found a wide variety of wildlife including tadpoles, newts, fresh water shrimps, blood worms, water spiders, backswimmer and pond skaters.


As part of their work on living things and changes the children in classes 1 and 2 had their first experience of pond dipping.  They were thrilled with their catches which included back swimmers, tadpoles in various stages of development, water spiders, blood worms, water snails and perhaps most excitingly lots of baby newts.

The children knew all about keeping safe around the pond by lying on their tummies.

At the end of the session they were sad to have to say goodbye to their creatures but understood they must be returned to the pond or they would die.


News from the Woodland

March 2017 Discovery

Annie and Chad made an exciting discovery in the wood today. They were searching for minibeasts to live in the bug hotel they had made and were amazed to find a newt hiding in a crack in the log they turned over. After showing it to the other children they gently returned it to his home.

Winter in the Woodland

Classes 9, 10 and 11

6th/12th/13th January

The children in UKS2 observed the changes that have occurred in the woodland in the last month. They recorded all the wildlife they could find and thought about ways in which they could help the wildlife in the wood during the winter period.

They then worked in pairs to solve clues on the solar system as part of their topic work.

Class 6 - 2nd November 2016

Today Class 6 returned to the woodland with their shelter building instructions.

In their previous lesson the children discovered that their instructions were unusable and it was impossible to build a shelter. A lot of thought and effort went into re-writing the instructions in their literacy lesson.

Today the children worked in their groups to use their new instructions to build their shelters. The children talked about what they were doing. Gave clear instructions to each other, allocated roles and co-operated well.


With the new clear and detailed instructions they were able to build successful shelters.

Class 10 - 3rd November 2016

Class 10 continued their earthquake survival lessons. The children rotated to their third activity. The children making tools made their own nets today and worked cooperatively to build traps. The team making shelters realised the changing seasons are affecting where we can build. They chose positions that have been used before. However with the colder weather they discovered the site was too exposed and would now be unsuitable. They transferred to a better location. The children foraging found that supplies in the wood are starting to dwindle. Only a handful of blackberries, rosehips, rowan and hawthorn were found. The children worked well as a team to solve the problem of how to collect the last few elderberries which were out of reach high in the trees.


Reception - 4th November 2016

The children in Classes 1 and 2 have been learning about Bonfire night and how to keep safe.  Today they had their own fire and enjoyed eating their snack. They followed the fire safety rules impeccably. They collected sticks on their way back to the classroom to create their own bonfire pictures later in the day.


Reception Woodland 2

Reception - 2nd December 2016

The Reception children have been learning about special times for Christian’s in class and have been looking at symbols linked to Christmas.  Today they searched for sticks to make a star in the woodland. They then took them back to class to decorate.


Trolls and Fairies

Classes 3, 4 and 5

19th/20th and 26th January

The KS1 children followed on from making their fairy and troll doors by creating a shrinking potion in the wood so they could travel through the door.

The children worked in groups to collect acorns, pine cones, catkins, moss, leaves, grass and pebbles. They wrote a list detailing the quantity of their ingredients. They then ticked off the quantities of ingredients as they added them to their potion pot.

Classes 6, 7 & 8 - March 2017

The children in classes 6, 7 and 8 have been learning about skeletons as part of their science lessons. In the woodland they worked in groups to create their own skeletons.

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