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Remote Learning

We hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well. We are continuing as a school to follow our COVID risk assessment and keeping children within their bubbles.

As a school, we need to plan for the possibility that one or more bubbles may need to close during the pandemic. If a bubble does close, or if a child self-isolates, then your child will need to access remote learning on DBprimary.  If a whole bubble has been asked to self-isolate, in addition to DBprimary, we will be delivering live teaching sessions, using the learning platform ‘Zoom’.

Please click here to find the Zoom Remote Learning Contract             

Please click here for further information on how to access DBprimary

Remote Learning

If your child’s bubble has been asked to self-isolate, in addition to DBprimary, we will be ‘zooming’ live sessons.

Please ensure that you can access Zoom and that the school has your email address.

On the first day of isolation, your child will access work set by the class teacher on DBprimary.

What will happen from Day 2 of isolation?

From the second day of isolation we will be delivering live sessions. This will be a mixture of teaching and instruction and also giving children tasks to complete. Your child will need paper and pencil ready to complete the work.

Each year group will have a unique 9 digit ID and a password for the sessions, this will be emailed to you the day our live teaching commences. You will use the same login details each time your child accesses a live session.  

To maintain as much normality as possible during the period of closure, we would recommend the following as a typical structure to the day.  The English, live zoom session, will vary in time for different year groups, this is allowing for children in the same family to join the sessions.

  1. Breakfast
  2. 40 minute Maths lesson and work via White Rose Maths, links on DBprimary
  3. 20 minutes -Game with family member inside/outside
  4. 40 minute English lesson and independent work via Zoom
  5. 1 hour of active play- inside or outside (if possible)
  6. 30 minutes lunch together as a family.
  7. Topic activity set on DBprimary
  8. Break
  9. Story time
  10. Home time

Please try to avoid computer games during the working day. 

This routine will help to maintain learning stamina for when your child returns to school after the period of isolation.

Zoom Lessons:

Please be aware that the following strict rules apply to live lessons:

  • No 1:1 lessons should take place, groups only.
  • Staff and children must wear suitable clothing, as should anyone else in the household.
  • Any computers used should be in appropriate areas, for example, not in bedrooms; and where possible be against a neutral background.
  • Language must be professional and appropriate, including any family members in the background.
  • Videos may be muted for both pupils and staff if other children in the household become unsettled or cause a disruption.  
  • Pupils may be locked out of the lesson if they become unsettled or disruptive.
  • Sessions will have 2 member of staff present for safeguarding and assessment for learning reasons.
  • All 'live chat' must be related to the lesson 

Please note, if you are late for the lessons, you can still join.  The teacher will be delivering the input for approximately the first 20 minutes of the lesson.

Sessions may be recorded for safeguarding reasons.  These will be available to be viewed by the teacher and the Leadership Team at Cross Lane Primary School.  You will need the details emailed to you for the username and the password. Please turn the video option off if you do not want your child to be videoed, however, it is recommended that teachers can see children over the platform to gauge levels of interest and engagement and to tailor teaching approaches accordingly.

You must sign and return the consent form prior to the first live session.


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