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Science Intent

At Cross Lane, we are committed to encouraging our children to explore the world around them and be inquisitive. We develop and foster their sense of curiosity through teaching exciting and engaging science lessons.

Children will learn the core scientific knowledge that has been identified within each topic and across each year group. The skills for working scientifically and knowledge will be developed and built-on throughout the children’s time at school in order to build on prior learning and deepen understanding. Children will be given learning opportunities so that they will be able to investigate, conduct experiments, follow lines of enquiry and continue to ask questions about the human body, their environment and the wider world. Opportunities will include accessing the school’s amazing woodland throughout each season and in each year group; children will access this valuable resource that gives open-ended and hands-on experiences linked to the science curriculum.

The science curriculum is carefully planned across school so that relevant links are be made to other subjects enabling children to see that subjects are interrelated and skills are transferable.

Mr Crawshaw



Mr Crawshaw is the new coordinator of our STEM subjects across school. 

Science Overview


Click to find our core knowledge document for Year A and Year B, including reference to the National Curriculum. 

Click here to find our science progression of skills map. 

You will find below the school's long term overview of topics covered. 




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