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Miss Nutton

Miss Nutton is in her third year of a Mastery Maths specialist course. She is the school's Maths Leader and is driving our school forward in ‘the mastery mindset’ with the desire for all children to understand maths concepts at a deeper level. 

Miss Nutton has been teaching for 19 years, seventeen of which have been at Cross Lane.  She continues to enjoy the journey at Cross Lane while driving maths forwards.  This ensures that school is working alongside leading maths researchers and practitioners, allowing our children to have access to the most recent and exciting initiatives and pilots. 

She is eager to enable all children to be mathematicians and strongly believes all children can achieve when there is a strong mathematical culture that explores the understanding of number. 

Working closely with White Rose Maths, Miss Nutton is developing teaching to allow all children to have the same opportunities to learn, and the support they need to fully grasp concepts.  

At Cross Lane, we believe children are more likely to learn if we help them find a love of learning. 

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